Friday, September 14, 2012

Hess-Living in yesterday



Harry Hess was the front man for Canada's AOR masters Harem Scarem for years. This is his second solo album. Now in addition to contributing his always stellar vocals he also plays the keyboards, contributes additional guitars and backing vocals. The rest of the music is done by a number of guest musicians and I'll list those after this review for anyone who is interested. This list of course includes a number of his his old Harem Scarem band mates. If you enjoyed his old band then you will likely be thrilled by "Living in yesterday". It's simple and finds it's roots in 80's-90's AOR tinged hard rock, but the choruses are catchy and it's one of those where you hear it and take to the songs right away. The vocals are smooth and Hess has not lost a step over the years at all. I wasn't expecting him to venture too far away from the style of his long band and he didn't. That may not speak well for his adventurous spirit, but what real matters is the quality and this album should go over very well with AOR fans. Definitely worth a listen.

Additional Musicians:
Peter Lesperance: Guitars & Bass
Creighton Doane: Drums
Howie Simon: Guitars solos on “ What If “ & “ It’s Over “
Magnus Karlsson: Guitar solo on “ Living In Yesterday “
Chris Green: Guitar solo on “ Where To Run “
Tommy Denander: Guitar & Keyboards on “ I Don’t Wanna Want You “
Strings on “ What If “ & “ It’s Over “ arranged by Pete Whitfield, performed by Pete Whitfield, Sarah Brandwood-Spencer, Paulette Bayley (violins) Simon Turner, Nick Trygstad (cellos).
Marcie Free: Backing vocals on songs 1,2 & 3.
Darren Smith: Backing vocals on songs 4 – 10.

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