Sunday, September 23, 2012

Witch Cross-Fit for fight (re-issue)


Hell's Headbangers

This is a classic for sure and that's certainly enough of a reason for me to listen to it and I do regularly. Now it has been re-issued so I get another chance to give it a listen and I sure can't complain about that. Formed in 1979 in Denmark this band knocked out a number of demos both before and after this 1984 LP. What an album this is. It often gets some Mercyful Fate comparisons due to the high vocals and the rambling musical style and the frequent pace changes.  That's a fair enough idea and there is a definite NWOBHM sound too, but Witch Cross had enough of their own style to set themselves apart as well. For 1984 this actually may have sounded a couple of years behind the time likely due to five years of playing before getting a record deal. No matter because what matters is Witch Cross stepped up and positively killed on eight tracks are pure metal on this album. They never stop moving on tracks like "Face of a clown" and "Fight the fire". Songs like "Light of a torch" and "Alien savage" just have the band throwing open the gates and going at it with everything they can bring. It's just constant notes and beats and they change it up whenever they want to, but it also sounds like it's fits perfectly. They really had a knack for getting the most out everything they put into their songs. There is certainly no wasted space. That's a large part of why it's such a great album. For this re-issue the cover is slightly different, really it's the same cover only without the border. Some of the running times are different that on the version I heard before I can't hear much difference in the songs themselves. Still any chance to hear this album again is very welcome. This version will be out on CD, LP, Picture LP and tape.

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