Thursday, September 20, 2012

Current playlist

Andy- Listening to:
Ghost-Opus Eponymous (Simply a wonderful, old-school, traditional metal/doom metal album from this new mystery outfit)
Kat-Metal And Hell (If a kid were to ask me "what is heavy metal?" I would hand him this album. Hope to cover it soon for a Forgotten Gem segment)
Witch Cross-Fit for Fight (Another classic that is sadly unknown to far too many of today's metal fans)
Shiva-Firedance (NWOBHM band that was more about bands like Rush, Deep Purple and B.O.C. then Iron Maiden, Angel Witch or Samson)
The Hates-Greatest Hates (Killer Houston punk act)
N.J.B.-Various Demos ( short for Night Jamming Band. Great melodic hard rock band from across the pound)
Sloppy Seconds-Destroyed (What can I say I just like punk!)
Demon-I Still Believe Single (Not as good as the classic stuff, but still a nice little rock song) Fleetwood Mac-Mirage (Not considered a classic, but there are a lot of cuts on this album that I simply enjoy)
Diana Ross & amp; The Supremes-Number 1's (No explanation needed as it's Diana Ross & The Supremes!)

Juan of the Dead (Not as good as I hope, but my second time watching it made me appreciate it a hair more)
Curse Of The Werewolf (Gem of a werewolf film!)
Return Of The Living Dead (Never cared for the whole part about how you can't really "kill" them, but it is still a fun film!)
Twins Of Evil (I bought the new Blu Ray/DVD combo and the picture quality is unreal!)

Various short stories with my daughter to help with her reading.

Metal Mark-

Dio-The beast of volume 2-Review coming soon.
Legion-Legion of deth-Forgotten Gems just posted. Forget the lame outfits and the generic band name because these guys were good.
Doro-Raise your fist in the air-About what you would expect, review coming in the next few days. Witch Cross-Fit for fight-I'm with Andy. This is an awesome classic.
MFD-Music for the deaf-Virgiia/DC based punk band. I saw these guys when they were around back in the late 80's.
Avengers-Penelope E.P-Production stinks, but it's the Avengers so of course it's a must hear.
Blondie-Eat to the beat-If you grew up during a certain time then you have to like Blondie.
Liege Lord- 1985 demo-A huge fan of these guys, but I prefer the earlier material.
DRI/Raw Power-The dirty rotten power EP-I remember when this came out and I passed on it. Finally got around to hearing it.
Oblivion-Rebirth demo-Very raw demo from the late 80's. Kind of cool though.

Remington Steele season one Prisoners of the lost universe-Yes I watched it for B-movie icon John Saxon and Battlestar's Richard Hatch. It's kind of like a more comedic and far less exciting version of Beastmaster.
Star Odyssey-In space no one can hear you snore. Boy was this ever a dull movie.
Ghostbusters- My kids and I are all big fans.

Reading- Red Shirts-Sci-fi comdey novel about red shirt security people who finally get wise to their situation.
Various books with the kids

***What are you checking out?

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