Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transgresion-“…de sangre y represión…”

Transgresión - Carátula

Self-released Demo

This is a two song demo from Transgresion ; a Female fronted Speed/Thrash Metal band from Puerto Rico. So there are just two songs I'll break them both down. First up is "Guerra Civil" and right away this song channels old style mid/late 80's thrash with influences including Slayer, Testament and Cardinal Sin. Estrella Sola attacks the song with a deep growl. The music follows a tight gallop lead by guitarist Angel Mario. The rhythm section is bassist Raly Vega and drummer Nicolas Burgos who do a solid job of laying down some heavy beats and guiding the pace effectively. The second track "Cerdos De Azul" starts out with plodding beats for nearly forty seconds before a simple riff comes on in a deceptive turn making you think this track might be mellow, but they quickly step it up and crank up the tempo considerably. Again this old school thrash that's simple but captivating. The guitar solos on this one were particularly impressive as they added a smoothness that helped balance the raw fury of the rest the track. After this track bounces around with an off the cuff feel that works just because it's unpredictable enough to stay interesting. This is a strong demo that will certainly appeal to fans classic style thrash.



“Cerdos De Azul"
“Guerra Civil”


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