Monday, September 24, 2012

As I Lay Dying- Awakened

Metal Blade Records

Having now been together for two decades (which, let's fact it folks, is a long time for any band to be together) San Diego, California's As I Lay Dying offer up their sixth studio album. Having moved on from producer (and Killswitch Engage guitarist) Adam Dutkiewicz (why I have no idea) the band opted to work with producer Bill Stevenson (The Descendents drummer). Stevenson had previously worked with bands  likes of Rise Against, Comeback Kid, and NOFX  so it does seem like an odd team-up at first. Thankfully Stevenson is able to bring out a lot of the fury that made As I Lay Dying so appealing to begin with. Sure, this metalcore band still sounds a lot like Killswitch Engage to these ears, but Stevenson does a good job of bring out the full-range of vocalist Tim Lambesison and bassist/clean vocalist Josh Gilberthis. His production also does a good job of highlighting the individual instruments.Everything comes off just about perfect. Those people out there who can't get enough of Killswitch Engage type metalcore (or bands who seem to also own a Slayer album or two )would do well to check this one out. There is no doubt As I Lay Dying are in a dying genre, but when you can pull of breakdowns like this and still sound both sincere and epic what does it really matter right?

Don't believe the part about As I Lay Dying owning a Slayer album or two? Then be sure to check out tracks like "Wasted Words" and "No Lungs to Breathe". Pure Slayer love there my friends...

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