Monday, October 01, 2012

D.I.S.-Becoming wrath

DIS-Becoming-Wrath Deep six

D.I.S.(Destroyed In Seconds) formed four years ago and includes former members of Phobia, Mange and Eat the Living. They play a brand of new hardcore tinged with thrash/death and below the surface if you listen close enough you can hear some old style hardcore beats slip through as well. A number of the songs have a few seconds where you think they'll be some build-up, but they quickly fly into a more single-minded approach. Brutality isn't a problem although a bit startling to hear the slick production surrounding the seething fury they attempt to bring here. The most impressive aspect of this album are far and away the drums. It's not just the beats and gudiing the tempo, but frequently the drums have such a commanding sound that they take on a life of their own. I don't think detracts from the rest of the instruments. However I do think the band falls into the trap of being ordinary and getting caught up in the repetition. It's doesn't exactly kill the mood that their songs start on, but it makes the ride dull. I found myself skipping through parts towards the end of almost every song because of the lack of ideas. A shame because I think many of the tracks have promise at first.

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