Monday, October 08, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution

You will have to forgive me for the tardiness of this review. It has been an "interesting" past couple of weeks for me. Between having to "house-sit" for my parents (while it is true that the kids and I live with my parents there are usually more hands to help out with the cleaning and chores-watering plants, taking care of the 16 egg laying chickens on the property, etc) and my impending carpal tunnel surgery (more to come on that) it has been hard to find time to just sit and type. Granted, typing involves the use of both hands so when your left wrist is severely messed up and in pain then well, everything suffers. Before this turns into a pity party for me (which would be the last thing I want!) let's take a look at "Retribution" which is the fifth installment in the "Resident Evil" series. The fact that I remember playing the original game on the PlayStation is beside the point (as is the fact that I am a huge Milla Jovovich fan) although, given the almost "video-game" outline of this movie, maybe the original game does hold some bearing. Truth be told, there was numerous times when, while watching this 3D movie, I felt like I was watching video-clips from a horror game. As with the other films in the series this one has "zombies" and "monsters" and hordes of "bad guys". Sadly, for a zombie loving freak like me, it was more "monsters" and "bad guys" then "zombies". That isn't to say that there are no walking dead corpses involved (this is 3D my friends so you have to have some good zombie-killing moments in 3D right?), but they only pop up here and there. When they do op up though it's certainly enjoyable as was this film overall-enjoyable. Not great, but enjoyable. While not the best of the bunch it does deliver what it sets out to give the viewer-action, violence, neat special FX, etc. The plot is so-so of course and there were several plot-holes that left me scratching my head. But, by the time the credits rolled around I thought it was good for what it was. With (supposedly) a few more films left in the series (although from what I have read the character of "Alice" might be written-off after the next film) I am curious how much more then can really do to keep things "fresh". The ending of "Retribution" finds our group, again, neck-deep in trouble, but where do you take it from there?

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