Friday, October 05, 2012


Pure Underground Records

 Pure Underground Records has dug up another gem it looks like. Seattle, Washington's own Invader (who shouldn't be confused with the numerous other bands of the same name) were formed in 1981 and, after knocking out a pair of demos ( FYI-the promo lists only one demo while the Metal Archives lists two...for what it's worth) , released their lone album, this self-titled affair, in 1992. As with a huge chunk of the acts signed to this label this is old-school heavy metal. This 10-track album was originally a  self-released/independent affair. Pure Underground Records offers this album (which stood no chance in 1992 given the grunge movement) in remastered form and, judging by the sound of it, I'd say they did a nice enough job. Interested parties should note that this was the only album that Invader released before calling it a day...that is until this year when the group got back together. Where they go from here remains to be seen so, instead of pondering that question, let's all take a look at this 10-track, 45 minute+ album. The album starts off on a rather unique note with a spoken-word-intro by Alfred Hitchcock! Interesting. From there things move along nicely and eventually we are lead by the hand into...drum roll please...traditional heavy metal territory! The band (bass, keys - Dan Hulford, drums - Scott Kasper,
guitars - Jeff Olsen and vocals - Gary Cob) play fairly typical, no-frills US metal. I wish there was more to it then that, but it is what it is. Even for 1992 this would have been a rather tame affair although it does offer US metal fans solid, everyday heavy metal that, while not that different then a lot of similar bands of the day and age, at least does not remind me of any similar bands of the day and age. So, Invader had/have that going for them. If you like straight-up US metal then this album would be a reasonable purchase. Everyone else though will probably say "well, that's nice and all, but not really my thing".

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