Thursday, October 04, 2012

Current playlist

Andy's Lists...

Listening to:
N.J.B.-Heroes (melodic metal/hard rock and simply smashing music!)
Black Flag-Damaged (an album that helped show me the way thru high school)
The Best Of Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction (this is really just the "Tattooed Beat Messiah" album without the speeches apparently, but it is raw, killer rock!)
American Head Charge-The Feeding (more nu metal/groove then "The War Of Art", but again just killer stuff from a band I can't quite explain why I like other then they just speak to me-or scream at me rather!)
Overdose-Scars (one of two albums I scored in the dollar bin at a local record store-hardcore/metal) Orange 9mm-Driver Not Included (the second album I scored for only a dollar and a band that should need no introduction!)
Slander-'Get Em Slandered (great straight-up heavy metal from a band who knows how to play straight-up heavy metal)
Danger Zone-Undying (see review)
Burning Emotions:The Best Of Samson (1985-1990) (not really a "best of", but rather a odd collection of this and that from Britain's own Samson)
Bob Marley & The Wailers-Gold (good times or bad times it does not matter as Bob speaks to both with equal passion)

Watching: The Exorcist (classic horror movie!)
The Fury (recommended by a post office worker in Aurora!)
Dark Shadows (while Johnny Depp is good the movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comedy or a comedy/horror film)

Life After Death by Damien Echols

Metal Mark-

Megadeth-Peace sells but who's buying?
Ozzy-Bark at the moon
Grim Reaper-Rock you to hell
Lich King-Born of the bomb
Medieval-Medieval Kills/EP disc
The Gathering-Disclosure
Angry Samoans-several Witchkiller-demo
Logan's Run soundtrack
M.F.D.-Music for the deaf

Critters and Critters 2
Remingston Steele season one
Dracula AD 1972

Well, duh? the new J.K. Rowling of course
Tiger Scout handbook Forks over knives the cookbook

Caveman Ninja
Crude Buster
(both with my son as I try to show him the charm of cheesy old games)

****What are you checking out?

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