Saturday, October 06, 2012

Witchsorrow-God curse us

Metal Blade

The sophomore effort from trio Witchsorrow has both similarities and differences from their debut. They are still playing doom along the lines of Electric Wizard. Which means that a number of the songs like "Megiddo" and "Masters of nothing" follow Witchsorrow carefully and deliberately unveiling individual beats and riffs at a trickling pace. However instead of just being one speed gloom all the time this album hears them applying more variation to their music than on the debut. Some times it takes more half the running length of a track for them to get out the low down sludge but on several occasions they pick it up and hit almost a galloping pace. Yet they always drag the heavy, rolling tones along with them no matter what gear they happen to be at the moment. They even through in some surprises like "Breaking the lore" which finds the band running at full speed right away and through most of the song. They pull off the faster bits as well as they do on the sludge driven parts because no matter what their sound always has a definite depth and a real plan. The most interesting track is certainly the twelve minute plus closer "Den of serpents". This is like getting hit by 100 hammers in slow motion. They keep the plodding going along and the riffs echo throughout. This album came out in the Summer and it was a around for me to review, but somehow I skipped past it. It was just the other week I saw it was there and realized it was doom which always attracts me. Glad I eventually found it because this is a heavy load that deserves to be notices and played both repeatedly and loudly.

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