Saturday, October 13, 2012

Holy Grail-Dark Passenger


The last time I heard Holy Grail was less than a year ago when they were doing some  covers on Seasons Bleedings. They were alright cover songs, but it didn't really do much to fill the void as we waited and are still waiting for the band's follow-up album to 2010's Crisis in Utopia. Well that wait will soon be over as "Ride the void" will drop in January, 2013. Okay, that's still a quarter of a year away so the band and their label are giving us a brief sampling by putting out Dark Passenger which is the first single from the upcoming release. It's always hard to judge a lot from one track. However those who liked their debut won't be disappointed by this song. They dip into NWOBHM territory following the likes of Maiden and Diamond Head and combine with some heavier riffage. However they seem to gotten a stronger grip on integrating some strong melodies into their sound as well. In fact this track has a smooth flow that shows some definite growth from their previous work. This song was chock full of classic style metal and it never really let up. Nice work and I can definitely add "Ride the void" to the list 2013 albums that I am looking forward to.

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