Thursday, October 11, 2012

Current playlist

Listening to:
Metal Church-The Dark (With the news that the band is reforming I dusted off this classic)
Exodus-Pleasures Of The Flesh (Was in the mood for some more old-school thrash after listening to Metal Church)
Hanoi Rocks-Dim Sum (Great 4-track EP)
Rolling Stones-Some Girls (Quite a few of my favorite Stones' songs are on here)
Sons Of Metal Compilation (A rather nifty comp. with everything from Ugly Kid Joe to Napalm Death)
Exodus-Fabulous Disaster (See above...)
Possessed-Seven Churches (Another classic...)
Noisehunter-Spell of Noise (Unheard of heavy metal)
Rolling Stone Magazine-Old School Hip Hop (Don't be a hater now!)
Kiss-Destroyer (Having listened to and reviewed the new Kiss album I felt inspired to dust this one off too)

The Satanic Rites Of Dracula-Special Deluxe Addition (Comes with bonus copy of the soundtrack) Zombie 4 (Got in a trade in and yes, it is pretty bad)
Zombie 5 (Same deal, got in a trade in. Only difference is? Well, it's really bad!)

Book Of The Dead (It's October and it's all about the zombies baby!)

Metal Mark-

Holy Grail-Dark passenger (single)
Ostrogoth-Full moons eyes
Black Sabbath-Heaven and hell
Knightmare-Mindless Mayhem
Killing Joke-MMXII
Bison BC-Lovelessness
Mos Generator-Nomads The Kosher Komp vol. 3
Lankhmar-Prejudiced Ghostbusters soundtrack

Various episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard
Gamera movies
Hobo with a shotgun
Count Dracula
Black Torment
Beginning of the end

still trying to get into JK Rowling's new one
Ten Gallon war-The NFL's Cowboys, The AFL's Texans and the feud for Dallas's pro football future

Playing- Scooby Doo-The spooky swamp

***What are you checking out?

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