Monday, October 08, 2012

Fictional metal bands in horror movies


Probably no one in the world cares about this junk except me but on occasion I take notice of fictional metal movies in horror films. I won't make a list and will just leave that for anyone who wants to add examples in the comments sections. The main ones I think about come from 1986 film Trick or Treat which of course had the soundtrack done by Fastway. I have reviewed it here years ago and if you grew up during a certain time and like metal then you have probably seen it. If you saw the film then you know much of the plot revolves around metal singer Sammi Curr (played by former Solid Gold dancer the late Tony Fields) who dies early in the film, but comes back throughout the rest of the movie trying to exert his demonic power. Curr comes over as a combination of Alice Cooper, Ozzy and Gene Simmons (and of course you know that those last two are in this movie). There is another musical act in this film that has far less screen time. That's right it's the Kickers! Yeah, pretend you don't know. The lame local band that have trouble with feedback as they get ready to play at the hgih school dance. Then Sammi shows up,sings and then starts blowing people up left and right. Nice trick that one. The lead guitarist of the Kickers was played by Kevin Yagher who is a special effects make-up artist who even at that point had already worked on Friday the 13th-the final chaper and Nightmare on Elm Street 2. He has since gone on to have a great career in that field working on tons of movies and shows mostly in the horror and action genres. Anyways I liked the inclusion of the Kickers and they probably do a good job of being the local inept hard rock band.

***So there are some mindless ramblings for you. Any other fake metal/hard rock acts from horror movies that have stuck in your mind? trickortreat2

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Anonymous scott whitt said...

I think immediately of Black Roses. Name of band and movie. Not a bad soundtrack either.
Can we count Thor? I know he is a "real" act but it still never added up.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Well, there was 'Steel Dragon' in 'Rock Star.' But the 'fake' band was comprised of real musicians...
Then there is 'Detroit Metal City' or 'DMC' from the Japanese manga/live action movie/animated series of the same name. Hella good!
Speaking of animated bands, how about 'Dethklok' from 'Metalocolypse?'
Good times!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

@ Scott Whitt-I know of Black Roses, but never saw it. If you add Thor then you'd probably have to add longtime cornballs like Manowar and Venom as well.

Michael-I was just thinking of horror movie.

I remeber seeing "Shock 'em dead" once many years ago and it had a fictional band in it. There was an AOR/hard rock singer in the first Critters and one of the shape changing bounty hunter aliens takes on his face.

6:24 PM  

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