Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Access Denied-Touch of Evil

Pitch Black Records

Don't judge a band by their cover. "Touch Of Evil" might be a terribly generic album cover (it's very uninspiring to say the least), but female-fronted Access Denied are anything but uninspiring. This Polish band was formed in 2003 and, after releasing a series of demos and a DVD, released their debut album (“The Memorial”) in 2009. The band is lead by vocalist Agnieszka Sulichand and on their sophomore release (The album was originally a limited edition self-release in 2011 and it's now being re-released by Pitch Black Records with an exclusive bonus video of the song “One Night” (explicit version) tacked on) the name of the game is straight-ahead, raw traditional heavy metal. Reportedly the band started off playing rock music and, to a degree, you can hear how the transformation has lead to a hard rock/heavy metal sound. There is still some primitive rock lingering in the background noise although don't let that fool you as this is anything but rock. Without a doubt Access Denied have been listening to the classics (Judas Priest, Dio, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath) as well as bands like Grim Reaper, Merciful Fate and Girlschool. Aided by guitarists Jacek “Jaca” Kolankiewicz  & Mateusz “Matołek” Krauze , bassist Paweł “Wolv” Nejczew  and drummer Michał Łysejko (what, no nickname?) the band's sophomore release sounds as if it were recorded on a shoe-string budget which works in their favor. It also sounds as if they are struggling to find their own sound/take on heavy metal. They might not be anywhere near ready to stake a claim at being the most original female-fronted heavy metal act out there , but they score extra points in my book for at least giving it a try and playing a style that isn't overly polished or slick.

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