Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Corrosion of confomity-Eye for an eye


Count me as one of those who definitely preferred pre-1991 Corrorsion of conformity. You know back in the 80's when they were a hardcore act instead of the mostly lukewarm stoner rock they have been churning out for over two decades. Their debut was originally recorded in 1983 and then released in 1984 and now it's getting another CD re-issue. First off this is not a classic like 1985's Animosity or 1987's Technocracy. Don't storm off just yet. This album is not must hear perhaps and if you are in the mood for polish and precision then you are definitely barking up the wrong tree. However this is raw sludge crossed with hardcore with lots of faults and holes, but also it's fueled by adrenaline and the desire to create heavy, fast smack you in the mouth kind of music. Much like DRI's first album this is a collection of shorts sports of music, noise and other creations. This album featured Eric Eycke growling, spitting and driving his sore throat through these songs. His vocals are the kind you are either going to love or hate. I lean towards the first choice as although I think the pacing of his vocals wasn't always on at least he sounded very excited and that goes a ways in my book. The rest of the line-up is the trio that went on to do Animosity so in case you are too young or have been living under a moss covered rock that would be Mike Dean on bass, Reed Mullin on drums and Woody Weatherman on guitars. So these guys were probably listening to Sabbath, Dead Kennedys and others as tried get their style together. Many of the songs don't sound like they were written or crafted as much as they just sound like four guys opened up and let rip whatever they had. What followed was a mixed bag with some songs like "College Town" or "Excluded' sounding like impromptu jams where someone should not have pressed the record button for other. Other tracks "Minds are controlled", "What?" and the title track show parts of the potential this band had somewhere beneath the surface. The parts of this album that have appealed to me since I first heard it over 25 years ago still draw me in now. The album is a mess in many places and it could used a bit direction, but then again the haphazard approach it part of it's appeal as well. This version like other also includes the "Six songs with Mike singing" EP which I highly recommend. Not a great album at all but if you like speed and and noise with some slowed down pieces thrown then you may like this one.

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