Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bison b.c.-Lovelessness

Metal Blade Records

For their latest album, "Lovelessness", Canada's Bison b.c. decided it was time to take a break from producer Jesse Gander. For the new album the band was looking for someone who would be able to put to tape the essence of their intense, high-energy live shows. What could be better then to transform the insanity of this heavy band (who have shared the stage with acts like Baroness, 3 Inches Of Blood,  Priestess, etc) from a live setting into a studio-album? Not much I would dare to say! To that end the band worked with producer Sanford Parker (Yob, Pelican, Rwake, Yakuza, Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, Unearthly Trance, etc) at Soma and Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago to record an album that is full-on HEAVY and INTENSE. The band (James Farwell-guitar/vocals, Dan And-guitar/vocals, Masa Anzai-bass and Matt Wood-drums) achieve that and then some. If you have never heard the band before (in which case I weep for your soul!) the band plays a form of metal that is a maxed-out/freaked-out mix of doom (without the ill-effects of doom), stoner metal (without slowing things down) and HEAVY/LOUD and THRASHTASTIC  metal. Is "thrashtastic" even a word? No, but try finding a better way to describe a band that plays bottom-heavy, fuzzed out heavy metal without the fuzz. It's kind of an impossible task simply because most "tags" fail to do justice to the intensity of this act. Bison b.c. have been compared to many other acts, but that seems to be a cop-out to me. This Canadian 4-piece easily stand on their own merits and "Lovelessness" is simply soul-crushing rock.

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