Thursday, October 18, 2012

Custard-Infested By Anger

Pure Steel Records

It's a sad state of affairs when all the good band names have already been taken and you are forced to settle with "Custard". I'm not sure the reasoning beyond that call. Especially as this German heavy metal act offer a nice take on the genre. Formed in 1987 this band has seen more line-up changes then I would have room to write down here in this article. Regardless of that album number five is a nice offering of US-inspired metal from a band that obviously has European power metal roots. It doesn't always knock you off your seat, but it does offer inspiring moments and a sound that is heavy enough to see you easily take on the day ahead of you. With a steady line-up and an eye focused towards traditional heavy metal (since the European power metal scene is a drag frankly) Custard could be on the path to real "fortune and glory" kids...

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