Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Playing the Misfits for Halloween


So Halloween is almost here and that means jack o' lanterns, horror movies, trick or treating with the kids maybe, but it also definitely means that it's time to play some Misfits. Not that you can't listen to them other times of the year, but this definitely their season. I don't mean Jerry Only lead Misfits or the short lived version with Michale Graves. Definitely not Danzig, don't even get me started on that mess. Now Glenn's mid-80's band Samhain would be a good choice as well for Halloween listening as well. With the slow foggy atmosphere and deep mysterious tones, but really the best choice for the soundtrack for my favorite holiday of the year is classic original run Misfits. Which songs you choose to play is up to you because for the most part as long as it's from that classic run you can't go wrong no matter what you pick. Although tracks like "London Dungeon" and "I turned into a martian" did more to define the band then did songs like "Rat Fink" and "Return of the fly". Still I say any Misfits is proper listening for October 31st and the weeks leading up to it. Normally I pull out the Misfits box set from some time ago and just play those over and over. Unfortunately I was too young to have gotten to them when they were still around in their prime. I discovered them in the mid-80's through trading tapes with different people. I remember being amazed by the fuzzy, blurry and raw mayhem with all the monster movie lyrics and easy to get into choruses. Tracks like "Skulls" and "Horror hotel" had me hooked from when they first attacked my eardrums. This is still a band that I enjoy and look forward to Halloween as I listen to as much Misfits as I can cram in.

****What are some of your favorite Misfits songs?


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