Monday, October 22, 2012

Dead Beyond Buried-The Dark Era


Album number three from London, England's Dead Beyond Buried showed up with the latest issue of Metal Hammer and, as a supposed self-release, is not too shabby. Before we get to that point though let us get this little bit of information out of the way: Dead Beyond Buried are essentially an English version of Morbid Angel. In fact this is what Morbid Angel would sound like if they were from London instead of Tampa, Florida. With that said this 5-piece act ( lead by one Oli Marchant) are good at what they do (even if they are not completely original) and "The Dark Era" features some tasty slabs of death metal goodness. "The Rupturing" features some interesting riffs while "Shadows Consuming Spirits" chugs along with a meaty thump. "Cold Black Star" is straight death metal for a world in which pure death metal has been sadly weakened thanks to the inclusion of black metal and D-beats. For those craving the early death crunch of Morbid Angel here is a fairy good imitation and a band worth keeping one eye on.

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