Saturday, October 20, 2012

Huinca-Sic Semper Tyrannis



The latest outing  from Chilian act Huinca is a mix of styles, approaches and yes even the results are varied. The metal influence include Pantera as well as 80's Bay area thrash with Metallica being the main source that you are likely to hear. They also mix in some music native to their area as well mostly relying on percussion instruments. The native music is portioned in various amounts with some songs getting more than others. Some tracks make the best use of these sounds by weaving them in with the metal while others use the sounds just as an introduction. Clearly the use of their native sounds is what sets Huinca apart from other bands who just play thrash. For the thrash sounds they are also varied as at times they embrace the style and go full throttle ahead following 80's style prime trash attacks. At other times they go for a more semi-fast controlled sound more along the lines of "And justice for all"-era Metallica. On other less imaginative songs they go for a rather basic path along the lines of early 90's Pantera. Their metal is mostly rooted in a classic style and then benefit both from a solid rhythm section and strong production values. They stumble at times with getting the vocals and music in sync with one another.I wish they had used the tribal music even more because when they do use it adds to to the overall depth of their sound and they handle it efficiently. Overall Huinca manage to establish themselves with their music and carve out a slightly different approach and create some interesting and even memorable metal.

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