Monday, October 22, 2012

Mob Rules-Cannibal Nation

AFM Records

Germany's Mob Rules formed in 1994 and released their well-received debut album, "Savage Land", in 1999. The band have so far managed to release 7 full-length releases, 2 EPs and a live album. The newest albums finds vocalist Klaus Dirks sounding as good as ever while the rest of Mob Rules rolls out melodic power metal that, mercifully, does not get caught up in the typical trappings of European power metal. In fact, if anything, Mob Rules lays down a hard hitting onslaught of melodic power metal than embraces elements of hard rock, traditional heavy metal and progressive metal. All of that of course falls under the blanket of melodic power metal and yet, thanks to the fact that the band finds it's "groove" early on, the music feels right at home. Mob Rules has been a band that, seemingly,  was to be found sitting on the outside of the genre. While their ability to forge power metal that is melodic and, yes, somewhat symphonic in nature in not in question what will the band do to stand out? Having the sense to explore new elements will help these guys in the end as the German power metal scene remains packed to overflowing with similar sounding groups. If Mob Rules can continue to craft power metal that is full of melody and style (since that is the popular thing these days for any German power metal hoping to make a go at it) but, add in a full-fledged injection of REAL heavy metal then the sky could be the limit.

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