Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Incite-All Out War

Minus Head Records

Let me just start things off by saying that I've seen some "interesting" record label names, but "Minus Head"? OK, that is a bit....odd. Anyway, album number two for Phoenix-based Incite was recorded at Darth Mader Music in Hollywood, Calif. with the one and only Logan Mader (Machine Head, Medication and Soulfly) sitting in the producer's chair. Logan Mader (who has also worked with Gojira and Soulfly) helped this young band by getting the band to stick to their roots while also opening up to new ideas and textures. Incite end up getting the benefit of Logan's many years as a guitarist and all-around hardcore individual from the sounds of it. The guys in Incite obviously choose to listen carefully to Logan's instructions as this Phoenix quartet offer up a really gritty and raw take on thrash/groove that is equal-parts underground thrash and accessible metal. "All Out War" is an album that should appeal to the hardcore thrash scene (or kids living on the edge) and those who like the more "known" acts. Speaking of being known, Incite might best known for featuring Richie Cavalera, (Max Cavalera's stepson) within their ranks. Richie (who handles lead vocals) has recorded with both Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy so those comparisons are obvious. That said Incite is it's own beast with it's own identity. Richie seems to be more then capable of  choosing his own destiny judging by the way "All Out War" unfolds. He is a fairly solid front- man aided greatly by aggressive lead work courtesy of original guitarist Dis (he has since left the band) and a sound that is both modern and primal in nature. Richie Cavalera might be the main focal point of  Incite, but this is a team effort all around from the stellar lead guitar work to the tight rhythm section. With a new guitarist (Gene Macazan) joining Richie Cavalera (vocals), Zak Sofaly (drums) and Luis Marrufo (bass) the pieces are all there for Incite to become something truly inspired if they can build upon their sophomore album.

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