Monday, October 29, 2012

Reviews for suckas-London-Don't cry wolf


It's been a while since we have called upon Mr. T to share his musical knowledge.This seemed like a good time to call him back as we asked him to pick out an album that scares him. So let's find out what he thinks of London's 1986 release "Don't cry wolf".

"Not much scares me. However fools with no talent who get record contracts can be a scary thing. In the 80's so many record labels were signing any pathetic bunch of idiots with big hair and make-up smeared on their faces. This band London was known because guys who left went on to have success with other bands. Those guys left London because they had two things-some talent and common sense. Look at some of these pathetic songs-
"Hit and run lover"? I'm no lover of this lame junk, but I'll gladly hit these fools and make them run. "We want everything"? How can these crazy men think they deserve everything when they offer nothing but worthless jibba jabba? "Killing time"? These clowns are killing my eardrums and they are wasting my time with their sour noise.
Hair metal can be bad and London were one of the worst. I pity the fools that thought these suckas were playing real music.

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