Monday, October 29, 2012

Nails-Obscene Humanity


This is actually re-recordings of a few tracks from their 2009 album of the same name that they decided to do to put out as a seven inch. Somehow this album reminds me of days in college when I would stay up  late studying for an early morning exam and fill myself full of coffee and Pixie sticks so I'd have energy to stay up and study, sleep briefly and then wake up and have enough energy to tear into the exam. Then after the exam the energy was gone and I'd crash for hours to recover. This album reminds me of those days because these three tracks from Nails in that they explode with a brief bursts of energy bringing crazy amounts of adrenaline to each ear busting song. Maybe they are fueled by excitement for the music rather than caffeine and sugar as I was and the music they create is more fun than taking a Geography exam. What I like most about these selections is that they know create heavy noise, but it never gets out of control. They frequently bring the noise back down into a crunching yet slightly more focused passage yet it all fits together as they blend hardcore with grind core and some other heavy forms to boot. These songs are over quickly, but they stayed in my memory long after they ended and that a good sign.

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