Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sister Sin-Now and forever

sister sin


I first heard this band on their "Smash the silence" EP back in 2007. I definitely hear the potential even then. So over the course of the last few years this band's popularity has certainly gone up a few notches to say the least. However their style hasn't changed terribly as they still draw on influences such as early Motley Crue, Accept and even Warlock/Doro. Sister Sin are exactly breaking any new ground, but instead they are pulling some of the best elements from bands of the bands and adding their own twist into it. That was true on the previous two LPs and if anything the band sounds even more confident in their direction on their latest creation. They are necessarily heavier on this album, but it does sound like the volume was cranked up a bit on their sound and I appreciate it so kudos to the producer. As always there are some anthems here and the band handles them well with tracks like "Fight song", "In it for life" and "The chosen few". All three of those selections feature simple, but instantly likable choruses with vocalist Liv leading the way. We knew there had to be an album because after all this is still a hard rock album so we get "Morning after" which has a definite Doro Pesch influence guiding it and that's fine by me. I wouldn't chosen it as the closer because I think all albums should end on a heavy, powerful song but that may just be me. My favorite tracks on this album are the solid stomper "Shades of black" and freakishly catchy "End of the line". Acts trying to emulate older metal bands are all over the place and plenty have come and gone over the last decade. However Sister Sin have not just survived during that time period, but they have actually emerged as one of more impressive bands playing this style today. If I had any doubts about success spoiling their sound well they were all swept away very early into "Now and forever". Again Sister Sin have hooked on their new album and I know I will be playing it well into 2013.

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