Thursday, November 01, 2012

Forgotten Gems- Erkin Koray- Elektronik Türküler


This isn't totally metal, but rather a mixture of psychedelic, progressive rock and traditional Turkish elements. However it's certainly an album with heavy elements that likely influenced numoerous acts over the years in various countries plus it's a definite must hear. Turkish musician Erkin Koray began playing rock and roll in the late 1950's playing Elvis and Fats Domino covers. By the 1960's he began playing psych rock and was considered fairly controversial around the late 60's and early 70's as rock music wasn't fully accepted at the time in his county. By the early 70's he formed the short lived power trio Ter. They made an impression despite their short run and soon Koray had a following as he started doing solo work. This album was his second solo effort and was released in 1974. It's a mix of the style I listed above frequently with all the styles as Koray wanted to create an album that mixed his roots of traditional music he grew up around with the heavier sounds he had embraced in more recent years. The results are quite spectacular as this is a great example of how to pull together styles that seem very different but really tie them together and get the best from all the forms. It works so well not just because Koray was such an accomplished musician. He certainly was and is phenomenal but this album works so well because he was both familiar and comfortable with the different styles he took on. Koray has an amazing feel for his instruments in both his playing and writing although a number of songs don't sound like they have been arranged as much as he just goes with it and lets the music flow. My favorite tracks are likely "İnat" and "Türkü" which are the final two on the album. Both presents plenty of grooves and varied tones and movements. If  you have some musical sense of adventure then you definitely need to hear this. If you have already then I am sure your already play it frequently.

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