Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scelerata-The Sniper

Scelerata - The Sniper (2012)


If you have read a review that I written of a power metal album then you know that I normally get my dander up and go some incoherant rant about I have a love-hate relationship with power metal bands. My opinion hasn't changed as some bands in that style hit a chord with me and hook me. While others go overboard with the excesses that accompany this style and annoy me to no end. So not that I got at brief rant out of the way lets get at this album. There is of course some European style power metal at the core of this bands sound, but they don't hail fro Europe they just like the style. Brazilian power metal act Scelerata return with their third full length effort. These guys aren't going to pull anyone in with the silly cover or the generic album title. Now any hype around this album is likely focused around the fact that former Iron Maiden front man Paul Di'anno adds guest vocals on two tracks and Helloween vocalist Andi Deris is on another one. That's fine that they pulled in some of their idols to help, but really matters is what they do on their own. Even an old power metal grump like myself was quickly swayed by the mix of swirling power metal with classic metal rhythms. Add in firmly grounded heavy rhythms and I was hooked. Obviously 90's Helloween and Gamma Ray are the big influences here. Scelerata are big on sweeping and soaring rhythms, but they never allow those parts to distract too much from the overall feel of their songs. For the most part they manage to remain focused and always bring all their passages back into main direction of their songs. Vocalist Fabio Juan has an enviable range, but emotionally he always ties it back into where the music is going and actually adds to the feel of every track here. The title tracks is my favorite on this album. Clocking in a little under ten mintues in length they manage to cram in about half an albums worth of riffs and pace changes but still have it turn out sounding fairly spectacular. Honestly I only approached this album because I had not reviewed a power album in a while and like to tackle albums from different styles, but this one definitely exceeded my expectations.

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