Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Livin Fire-Under The Spell

Self-Release/Independent Recording

It's been awhile since we last heard from Livin Fire here at Heavy Metal Time Machine. That was actually back in September of 2011 when Metal Mark covered their self-produced 3-track demo. Here it is 2013 and this Cracow, Poland-based 4-piece band has doubled our pleasure and doubled our fun with this just released/hot of the presses 6-track EP! Drawn together over a strong desire to recreate the magic of 80's classic hard rock and melodic heavy metal, which they managed to do quite well since the word go, Livin Fire was formed in early 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Alda Reï and guitarist J. K. Shredd. With bassist Alvaro and drummer Matt B. rounding out the rhythm section of Livin Fire, and if effect forming a smooth foundation of which this act can build their hard rock/metal sound brick by brick, this new 6-track EP picks up where the 2011 demo left off. Although here's the thing. After a brief instrumental opening "Under The Spell" slams open the doors of rock and roll with more urgency and energy then what you might normally expect from a band that's been going at it for 3-years!. Damn, if that isn't good to see then I don't know what is! What's even better is what it translates to once you get into the thick of what Livin Fire is all about! The spirits of 80's bands like Bitch, Lizzy Borden and Witch still reverberate in Livin Fire's sound, but then again there's traces of Axxis, Chinawite, Warrior, Phantom Blue and Alien Force in "Under The Spell" as well. With this band it's all jumbled together in such a different fashion that it's not like they're just wearing those influences on their sleeves for all to see and hear. Where the argument could be made for this young band catching a break and getting a signed record label contract is in this train of thought. Livin Fire has a great lead vocalist in Alda Reïthough and they've structured their songs in such a way that they could easily be radio rockers if this was turned down a notch or two. It's not that Livin Fire is a commercial entity though but rather that when it comes to the lead guitar work of J.K. Shredd it's all structured around rock and roll's humble influence. Bands from this walk of life now that classic hard rock and heavy metal can still be loud and proud if only with a pinch or two of basic, school of rock 101 layouts. Livin Fire was born out of a love of 80's  hard rock and heavy metal though so while the lead solos do rock out, which is/was fairly typical of the 80's scene anyway if you're old enough to remember, this one is still going to resonant more with the headbangers then the rock and rollers!  Find out more at the band's Facebook page below.

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