Thursday, August 29, 2013

Damn Dice-Wild 'n' Ready EP


Damn Dice, who are clearly living the life of glam metal (their looks alone are a dead giveaway so there's no spoiler to be had), are a fairly new face in the (reborn and booming!) hair metal crowd. Formed in 2001 by brothers Wallis (guitarist) and Fransoa (drummer) this 4-piece hail's from the UK (London to be exact), but their version of glam is clearly fashioned after U.S. acts like Poison, Quiet Riot and Mötley Crüe. Speaking of Mötley Crüe, Vince Neil himself gave this band a hearty thumbs up as did Beau Hill of Beau Hill Productions (Alice Cooper, Europe, Warrant, Stevie Nicks) so there's some lofty praise being thrown this young group's way! Filled out by Alex (vocals) and Marco (bassist) this young band will be releasing their "Wild 'n' Ready" EP later on in October. The cut "Bang Your Head" (no, not the Quiet Riot track) starts off this glittery 6-track EP with the group's first single, "Wild Into The Night", finishing things up. With a video of "Wild Into The Streets" documenting the band's hedonistic lifestyle (there's a link to it below) the guys in Damn Dice look as if they're hungry for fame and eager to move their way to the top of the hair metal mountain!  Let's be fair though and point out that it's not all generic "wine, women and song" glam metal on this EP. Or at least not when it comes to the actual music (the lyrics are another matter all together!). There is an attempt to funnel both classic rock and modern hard rock into their overall character, but listeners are more likely to hear the former then the latter if either at all. It doesn't end there though. Seeing as this band is endowed with "the energy of a 70’s punk band" there does seem to be the spirits of  both The New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks floating around on "Wild 'n' Ready". Damn Dice's upcoming 6 track EP, which falls under the 30 minute mark, is obviously not perfect as this band does show some growing pains. The vocals of Alex sounded a bit "rough" as if they were either not mixed entirely right or he was simply having an off day. Nothing horrible mind you, but occasionally it just didn't sound quite right. Also, while "Wild Into The Streets" is a good single, this is a young band that will need to tighten up their sound a bit around the edges and/or could benefit from working with a top-notch producer. Listening this this EP you do get the feeling that this is a band that could really EXPLODE if they just had a little help tapping into their full potential. With the backing of a good label and producer these four could easily jump right into the spotlight! You can hear the potential here on this EP. Since this band is loaded to the max with "the energy of a 70’s punk band" the skies the limit for Damn Dice if they listen to their critics and (naturally) continue to seek out their own sound as they grow together as musicians. I'm wishing them nothing but the best and rooting for these guys. While I'm not a huge fan of this sudden resurgence of  the glam metal/hair metal scene there are some good bands coming out it and you can add Damn Dice to that list.

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Blogger Rene said...

Thanks to you i am going to buy this when its released oficialy in october. Really great review and release.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Glad to be of help!

9:58 AM  

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