Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stonegriff-Prologus Magicus

Metal on Metal Records

Sweden's Stonegriff  was formed in 2009 with this 45 minute, give or take a few seconds, LP serving as their proper introduction to the heavy metal community. Before their debut-album, "Prologus Magicus", was all wrapped up though, and in such a prim and proper fashion to boot!, the group had gone about releasing three demos and one EP. Not that they were all in that order or anything, but it does help to fill in some of their back-story (as does the fact that a few singers have come and gone with the latest being Jacob). Actually, since 2012  it's been all Jacob and damn if he doesn't just make for the perfect front-man/pitch-man for what this bunch has been cooking up! Traditional doom metal is the dish at hand, but please don't go scurrying off just yet with the fear that this is more, much too more, post-Ozzy/Black Sabbath worship.  That's all been done a thousand times over so thankfully these cats rock out to a different set of influences. Comparison's have been made to fellow Swedish act Krux, but for those of you not familiar with their sound (Krux) then let's roll out the other "influences". Band's like Trouble, Pentagram, Candlemass, Nomad son, Spiritus Mortis and Las Cruces are name-checked on the promo (yes, as well as Black Sabbath), but I'd throw in a little Witchfinder General to be on the safe side. Crunched all together into one big doom metal sandwich, which is a lovely visual if I do say so myself!, here we have a band that takes on both older and newer doom bands while challenging themselves to be their own vehicle of sonic destruction! Under the strain of heavy riffs you'll find yourself being crushed as Stonegriff, with all the moving parts perfectly fitted into place, creeps about as their own comfortable pace. For a debut album this is quite nice with doom metal that is neither too slow or too fast. It's also got a tiny bit of a underground rock attitude so, as this young band is stepping up and laying down their own "sweet embrace of death"-style doom, they're letting everyone know that Stonegriff is much more then "just another doom metal act". The band pulls off a release that promises better things to come while it also shows a lot of maturity and integrity. This is one doom metal release that deserves special attention and consideration when it comes down to fans adding new music to their doom collection!

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