Monday, August 19, 2013


Ektro Records

Something compelled me to check out "Lähtö" and boy am I ever glad that I did! The latest "full-length" from Finland's Hebosagil is 8-tracks long, but with a mere run-time of 26 minutes it's the old "in and out" these young "rockers". Sung entirely in Finnish, which does not prove to be a problem at all, this is the sound of anger as only a band with both
Slayer and The Melvins (and not to mention Unsane) in their promo material can attest to. Even so this bunch isn't just part Slayer, part Melvins and part Unsane as this material is presented in the form of hardcore heavy metal sludge...or something like that. Picture not only the three acts above going at it in a bloody fistfight, but then Eyehategod stops by to deliver a few kicks to the crouch. By the time it's all wrapped up and ready to go it's like you've just seen & heard an interpretative punk rock/crust number performed by the reincarnated members of Superjoint Ritual and The Butthole Surfers.  This is one act I need to work my way back on as this new release hints at a more then promising back catalog!

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