Tuesday, August 13, 2013


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There has been numerous bands, both past and present, that have gone by the moniker Hex and/or had the word Hex as part of their name. These range from alternative rock to black metal and from underground and indie acts to the more established ones. So, before we even crack this self-titled album open, here's hoping that this particular Hex doesn't slip through the cracks simply because their name doesn't do enough to differentiate them from so many, heck, make that TOO many, bands with similar identities! As for this Hex let's just say that given the dark nature of this act it does seem kind of fitting that they were formed during the month of October! That was back in 2011 and now, some two years later on, this 5-piece Swedish act are looking to make a name for themselves with this, their 13-track debut-album. Did I just say 13 tracks? Yes, even that seems to fit the very nature of this act that features (among their pool of players) seasoned musician Micke Backelin (ex Lord Belial). On "Hex" he handles the drum duties so it's not too shabby that the band was able to rope in this well-traveled veteran musician who has also played in Vassago, Hellgoat (which is a sweet name for a band, black metal or not!), Latex, Them and more. So yeah, he does add another layer to this band, but it's not as if the rest of this bunch doesn't hold their own or anything! Lead vocalist Jonas Hygren (who wrote all the songs for this album) comes across like a poor man's Rob Zombie which, despite how that might sound, actually helps highlight the (somewhat) ghoulish vibe that Hex rolls with. As you are looking at a lead singer who sounds a bit like the former White Zombie front-man then it's easy enough to get a real Rob Zombie/White Zombie feeling on the band's debut-release. There's also been comparisons made to the like's of N.I.N. and Ministry which should give the listener a fair enough idea about what these guys bring to the party. With horror-inspired lyrics and this creepy and mysterious vibe it all plays into the band's strengths. Mixing the sounds of hard rock and modern metal (as well as a touch of goth rock) together like it's a witch's brew, which isn't so far-fetched given the band's lyrical themes of voodoo and the occult, everything comes to a boil and it's at that point that the band utilizes industrial touches to push the music's boundaries. In the end the music here brings to mind not only the previous acts mentioned, but also everyone from Alice Cooper to Mushroomhead! There were a few occasions as well where I picked up on Gwar (or rather their form of heavy metal) and Lordi (same things-their music not singing) as well as some form of Marilyn Manson and his creepy brand of rock. Although (for fear that I might just be making this album sound as if it is more of a novelty than the true notorious slice of hard & heavy metal that it is) it must be mentioned that Hex leans closer to Rob Zombie then Marilyn Manson (thank the heavens for that!) and how lead guitarist Jörgen Svärd adds an extra sharp edge to "Hex". Together with Jonas Hygren you have a set of musicians with not only chemistry, but also this calculating ability to pen songs that will stay with you long after the record stops! Both Hex the band and "Hex" the album are well-worth looking into if the darker side of heavy metal intrigues you. And, despite how it sounds, the fact that you might hear bits and pieces of all these different acts (one of which I just remembered was Filter) does not detract at all from the appeal of this 13-track album. This is a band that is just getting their feet wet in this kind of sample-infused, heavy rocking, dark metal so it doesn't really bother me that much if they are still shaking off their influences. This is a great start for what will be a longer career for this Swedish act! To that I have no doubt!

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