Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vicolo Inferno-Hourglass

Logic(il)Logic Records

"A forbidden love, a fight among noble families to control the feud, an era that wrote its own history with blood". That is the opening text of Vicolo Inferno's bio as it appears on one of the many promo albums that the good folks at Logic(il)Logic Records sent me recently. It also goes to show how this 4-piece came up with their name which, incidentally, means "hell alley" as there was plenty of blood spilled onto this particular narrow piece of pavement. Taking their name from history is one thing, but what about the actual history of this band? Well, it all started when the band's two founding members, Igor Plattesi (vocals) and Marco Campoll (guitars), meet up and transformed a short career of playing covers into a (hopefully) longer career of playing original material. Fast forward to 2012 and the band, now including bassist Marco "Daz" Dazzani and drummer Alex "LR" La Sala (all drums on this album though appear to be played by Luca Silecchia), ended up finishing their full-length debut album, "Hourglass", and are now signed with Logic(il)Logic Records. The album, which features 10 tracks of original material, could best be described as a combination of hard rock and heavy metal although, if one was to break it down further, it's like spinning your way through all the "heavier" stations on rock and roll radio these days (and yes, I do have the Ramone's song "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio" playing in my head as I typed up that rock and roll radio part!) where there's a little bit of blue-collar hard rock, some traditional heavy metal accessories, a touch-up or two of melodic rock/melodic heavy metal, a half a spoonful of post-grunge posturing, a splash in your face of AOR and in true fashion, seemingly just like the bulk of new rock bands emerging these days, the dial finally stops on some modern rock! That last part is easy enough to pin-down as I really thought I caught some Nickleback running through a few of these tracks. That sounds much worse in print then it does in reality so I do have to come clean and not sound as if I'm knocking them (Vicolo Inferno) or accusing them of some horrible atrocity! That's not to say that such modern rock is going to sit well with a lot of people, but when it's all rocking and rumbling together the band ends up sounding like they're onto something if only they could shake off some of the lose ends. What works though? Most definitely one thing is Marco Campoll's guitar playing as well as the lead vocals of Igor Plattesi. Both of these factors strike just the right cords and offer a sneak peek at what this band could and can achieve if they stick at it and try to focus on turning a new page towards originality. I'm hoping this Italian band makes it as there is more then enough good things going on here to warrant following this band from here on out.

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