Thursday, August 08, 2013

Counterpoints-The Difference Between Hell and Home

Victory Records

This is the 3rd overall release for Canada's Counterpoints since forming in 2007. The five piece act has always championed honest to goodness hardcore, but with a splash of pop-punk in their sound, and a approach that out of the blue becomes fixated on the melodic side of things 9not that it happens much here as this album is remarkably HEAVY!), they ofter up an interesting take on the genre with "The Difference Between Hell and Home". Two albums into their time with Victory Records (who are well-stocked with hardcore acts on their roster) and these guys look and sound as if they are primed to shake up what is now a largely overflowing mountain of hardcore acts. Be sure to keep an ear out for them, as well as an eye out for these heavy hitters, as it sounds as if they spent plenty of time hitting the stages in their home country and here in the States!

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