Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Twitching Tongues-In Love There Is No Law

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Having enjoyed the last Twitching Tongues release, 2012's "Sleep Therapy", I was knee-deep in enthusiasm and anticipation when I came across their new album's promo. The band, which hails from Los Angeles of all places, has only been around since 2010 or so, but in that short time frame they have made quite an impression. At the heart of Twitching Tongues distinct sound you'll discover elements of hardcore, metal, doom, stoner rock, goth metal ( the kind that made Type O Negative so much fun), death metal and even some black metal (think Celtic Frost). Of course you'll also discover how melancholy the whole affair is. Even though that might sound weird on paper, especially as this dread-inducing 5-piece draws some of their sound from early hardcore bands (Cro-Mags, Warzone, Sheer Terror and Agnostic Front), in reality the band pulls it off and the whole thing settles in quite nicely.  Lead vocals come from Colin Young whose somewhat raw delivery makes the material on hand all the more impactful. On lead guitar is Leo Orozco while Taylor Young handles rhythm guitars and provides additional vocals. Together the two guitarists spend their time ripping through riffs that are equal parts death metal (Obituary and Pestilence) and crossover (S.O.D.and Carnivore) while also not that far off from what Life Of Agony is all about. Bass guitar comes from the capable hands of Kyle Thomas while Mike Cesario hammers away on the drums. Both of these musicians do their proper-duty of keeping things nailed down while simultaneously they seem to be keeping themselves occupied with the notion that it's up to them to be the heaviest rhythm section in the land! All in all "In Love There Is No Law" is a step up and step forward for this L.A.-based band. It still shows a band that can pull in everything from hardcore to death metal and yet still maintain this overall sense of dread and despair. All of that makes Twitching Tongues a little bit different, but different is good.

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