Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fred Colombo-Memoria

Self-Released via Zimbalam

Fred Colombo is a talented French-Italian composer/musician who has been a member of the bands Spheric Universe Experience and Ghostfather. Both of those acts (between whom he's recorded five albums) have allowed this veteran keyboardist to play well within the fields of hard rock and heavy metal. He's also managed to have played gigs with the likes of The Scorpions (for whom he's opened), Threshold, Uli Jon Roth, Iced Earth, Amorphis and Orphaned Land. So, when you're talking about "Memoria", Fred Colombo's new solo venture, you might look at his track record and expect it to follow a similar pattern right? Well, not so fast. This French keyboard player/producer offers up more then a few surprises on this solo album...some of which comes from way out of left field and even surprised me. That's saying something as I'm known to have everything from Slayer to the Bee Gees on stand-by! To say that there is quite a bit of variety here is an understatement. While some of this album could be loosely described as "metal" it's better to air on the side of caution and just say that "Memoria" is Fred Colombo exploring just about everything and anything but heavy metal. As I was per-warned a little about what was in store for me here (style-wise) I could easily see a fans of Fred Colombo's other bands getting this album and being stunned. Let's see what all we've got here. There's pop, indie rock, electronic, house, dance, fusion and rock. There's also so much more. Overall the album is a billion miles away from his work with Spheric Universe Experience and frankly a lot of left me with a strange look upon my face. It's different alright. The thing is I sort of dug that it so "out-there". Even though it is an album that even involves some light jazz/adult contemporary, which I would normally run screaming from, it does work as a solo release. And it's obviously that Fred Colombo is taking a risk and stepping out into the open with this solo release. I give him props for that. As variety is the spice of life I do understand his desire to so freely explore all of his loves even if I can also see this album leaving a lot of people rather confused. In the end "Memoria" is a softer approach for Fred Colombo and there is nothing wrong with such a bold move on his part. So, just as long as the listener knows what they are getting into with this new solo outing the no harm and no foul I figure.

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