Monday, August 12, 2013


D.N.A. is a relatively new project/band first assembled by Portuguese
guitarist/songwriter Alexandre Santos (Scar For Life) and American vocalist
David Reed Watson (Rage Of Angels). By "relatively new" I mean that it
looks as if this act just got off the ground in early 2013! That means
the paint isn't even dry on this project and they've already released
this digital 5-track EP! Not too bad. Not too bad at all. Now, it sounds as
if this all started when Santos was working on some numbers with Watson
for possible inclusion in Scar For Life's catalog of songs. That's fair
enough and would make sense all around. Here's the thing though, this new
act isn't so much just a continuation of Scar For Life. Instead it marches
to the beat of it's own drummer (which, in this case at least,
is ex-More Than A Thousand drummer Joao Colaco). Joining Santos, Watson
and Colaco on "Life" is lead guitarist Neil Fraser (ex-Ten, Rage Of Angels)
and bassist Mikael Carlsson (Love Under Cover). On paper that looks like a
solid line-up and as the EP's single, "Broken Hero", opened things up it sure
did sound as if this was going to be one of those rare hidden gems (at least
in the field's of rock/hard rock/melodic hard rock). Then the track "Release"
kicked in and the bottom almost fell out of this EP. While the music is fine
by itself, as are the vocals, the lyrics don't mesh with either or and
when you combine all three (music, vocals, lyrics)this one does a nose-bomb
right into mediocrity. Suddenly this fear gripped me. What if D.N.A. had put
their best number first and then back-ended the EP with filler material? As
"Ledge" began to play that fear proved to be unfounded! The EP's last three
tracks ("Ledge", "The Flow" and "The Mirror Of your Soul") are all top-notch
numbers with the band rolling out phenomenal guitar leads, great lyrics sung
with passion by a lead vocalist with talent to spare, and such creative
arrangements that I kept going back and replaying the last three cuts over
and over again! So, while "Release" left me shaking my head in disapproval
the EP's other four tracks are just too good to pass up! It's a shame that
this is only a digital release, but it is what it is. Fans of heavy rock/hard
rock (as well as melodic hard rock bands I'd suspect)should really enjoy
"Life" as it showcases a band with all the right pieces needed to achieve
a long and sustained career. Hopefully D.N.A. will prove to be more then
just a part-time project as these guys are holding what amounts to a winning
lotto ticket and it would be foolish not to cash it in!

PS. Sorry for how this one rolled out. I have been experiencing some
"Issues" with my computer and Google Blogger

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