Monday, September 23, 2013

Death Hawks-Death Hawks

Cargo Records

Never heard of Death Hawks? Well, depending on how you feel about all or nothing rock (meaning anything goes), which comes locked and loaded with a distinct 70's vibe, then you are either missing out or not. If that sounds like your cup of tea (or in this occasional pipe of choice) then it's better late then never. First assembled in 2010, with 2012's "Death & Decay" serving as their first full-length release, the band features in their ranks Teemu Markkula (vocals, guitar) of  Seremonia fame. Well, he at least plays with Seremonia live. Anyway, if you're a regular follower of this blog then you'll have no doubt noticed that it wasn't that far back that I actually covered Seremonia and their excellent album, "Ihminen". Both bands seem as if they are cut from the same fabric, but while Seremonia has some doom going for them, as well as a cool front-lady, this band is much more mellow in a 60's/70's psychedelic rock kind of way. With Tenho Mattila (keyboards, sax),  Riku Pirttiniemi (bass, vocals) and Miikka Heikkinen (drums, percussion) filling out the ranks of Death Hawks this self-titled album also throws in krautrock to keep things "interesting". The whole affair has a very laid-back feeling going for it while the band, who can move from psychedelic keyboard passages to garage rock guitars in the blink of an eye, rolls out the red carpet for those into free-form rock. Even though it seems as if this one would mostly appeal to the "Puff the Magic Dragon" crowd, which is all the more evident by the near hippie-like look and "We could have been at Woodstock" delivery of these talented musicians, you don't need to be high as a kite to enjoy the mellow vibes that these guys embrace. Instead, album number two from the guys in Death Hawks stands up just fine by itself. This cool collection of psychedelic rock is just as enjoyable straight-laced and is one of those albums that offers comfort for those tired of the jagged edges of this modern world.

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