Friday, September 20, 2013

Sadgiqacea-False Prism

Candlelight Records

Can a four-track release really be a full-length album? When you see that "True Darkness" is over 14 minutes long then I guess the answer is yes, a four-track release can be considered a full-length album! This four-track release is the work of  the two-man group Sadgiqacea. The band, which you would expect to reside somewhere south of hell but in reality reside in Philadelphia, play some of the most foul metal you could dare to imagine! Picture the blackest, most sludgiest, psychedelic doom noise act out there and then turn the whole thing upside down and inside out. That is the essence of Sadgiqacea who cut a nice and jagged path straight through your flesh and soul. Formed in 2010, with the ambient "False Prism" serving as their first full-length release, the group is made up of Evan Schaefer (vocals/guitar) and Fred Grabosky (vocals/drums). What about the bass guitar though? Sadgiqacea doesn't need it and (frankly speaking folks) it's not as though you're likely to miss out on it when this post-metal sludge-feast get's rolling along. When it comes to breaking down this nearly 40 minute-long avalanche of  blackened doom, which is most definitely a mood massacre waiting to happen, you're likely to find tiny pieces of poisoned metal that has been sharpened so it can deliver maximum carnage as only ambient material like this can. Some will likely call "False Prism" a divine work of post-metallic wonder while others would shutter at it's uneasy assault on the senses. I find that I'm falling somewhere in the middle of all of that, but the more I listen to this one (and I've been through the mirror with this one three times now) the more I feel inclined to embrace it's madness. It certainly grows on you with repeated listens folks. That's for sure.....

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