Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goregast-Covered in Skin 7" EP

FDA Rekotz

It's been two years now since fans have heard anything new from Berlin's Goregast. The band's last release, 2011's "Desechos Humanos", was (mostly) well-received and showed that three albums in they still had much to offer. First known as Distress (from 1993 to 2004), during which time they released a pair of demos, the band would eventually morph into Goregast. Although it should be noted that it looks as if these days it's only vocalist Rico Unglaube that remains from the Distress period. In addition to providing vocals for Goregast, and doing it quite well thank you very much, Rico Unglaube is also the owner of FDA Rekotz. For this new, limited edition*, 7' inch EP the band (yet again) turned to Andreas Hilbert (Golem) who mixed and mastered this 11-minute, 2-track in such a way as to highlight the classic death metal style of Goregast. These 2-cuts of prime, old-school seasoned death metal are meant to tide over fans until Goregast release their fourth full-length album sometime in 2014.  As it limited to just 500 copies it would be wise of fans to pick up this 7" sooner then later. Find out more at the links below.

* (Per the Metal Archives) 
7" limited to 500 copies.
- 100 green vinyl incl. embroidered patch
- 400 funeral black vinyl


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