Thursday, September 12, 2013

C.J. Schrieber-Reflections

*See note below
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There are some things in this adventure that we call life that will never cease to amaze me. One of those things is the ever increasing amount of highly-skilled teenage musicians. Why it is exactly that it still surprises me I'm not quite sure. Even with my own two teenagers, who I never go out of my way to brag about (Those kinds of parents who will just not shut up about how talented and amazing their kids are make me want to throw up!),  I was amazed by how easy it was for my 13 year old son to pick up and play the banjo, out of the blue mind you, and I have been moved to tears by the beauty my daughter possesses in her voice. So yeah, I do see it in my kids as well as two other teens/brothers (Josh and Jake Wherley ) that I know who play excellent heavy metal of their own design. Still, "Reflections", the debut 4-track EP from C.J. Schrieber, is a whole different story. Chances are you're asking "Who?". Well, C.J. is a sophomore in high school which should make him 15 I'd guess. You'd never know that by this EP though. Having decided to become a professional musician at the end of 5th grade, which surprised his family and friends as he had shown no previous interest from all accounts, C.J. would go on to to study the guitar over the course of hundreds of hours. It's paid off big time. In addition to his mad skills on the guitar C.J. has spent time behind the drum kit and has become a percussionist in his high school's marching band. Not too bad for a kid who decided one random day to become a musician right? On "Reflections", which you can find on iTunes, C.J. pays homage to his influences which include Muse, Breaking Benjamin, Creed and Nirvana. Don't fear the Creed part though as "Reflections" is anything but the sound of a bunch of wusses winning about this and that! Instead these 4-tracks, which are spiced up by C.J.'s youthful voice, deliver timeless rock of the hard and heavy variety. Elements of progressive metal, modern rock/modern hard rock and alternative rock are also present here, but more then anything this is the sound of rock and roll as interpreted by a talented teenager with nowhere to go but up from here. And I do hope he continues to have nothing but success as today's talented rock and metal teenage musicians are tomorrow's superstars!

* The EP's actual artwork is slightly different on iTunes, but for some reason this was the only picture I could find on Google so close enough will have to do.

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