Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oceans Of Time-"Show Me The Way" Single

Melodic Revolution Records

Here's another example of why it's so important to take a quick glance at your junk mail before deleting everything. Chances are I'd have missed out on this Norwegian act if I hadn't decided to take a second look at everything that had piled up. That would have been a shame as the melodic Oceans of Time, which I would assume choose their moniker from Axel Rudi Pell's album of the same name, are quite good at what they do. And what is it they do exactly? Besides offering up melodic material that is. Well, even if symphonic progressive metal isn't exactly my poison of choice, these gentlemen have a (admittedly) catchy single on their hands with "Show Me The Way" and man, if I didn't go back and play this one a couple more times I'd be lying! Formed in 2005 by guitarist Lazz Jensen, whose playing tempts the listener to move in closer, the band is fronted quite effectively by the equally-talented Ken Lyngfoss. Other then this newish single the group also have the full-length album "Faces" to their name. Having shared the stage with the likes of Glenn Hughes, Masterplan and Satyricon (to name just a few) this is one act that could make a nice splash on the scene with a little bit of luck and more hard work. Considering how Oceans Of Time spent 2005 to 2008 just playing out and honing their craft I'd argue that they have the hard work part locked down pat. So, it's more a matter of luck and the continual word-of-mouth for this bunch although you'd think that their musical talent and obvious ability to write compelling material alone would open more doors. Time will tell I guess. Thing thing is Oceans Of Time, which is rounded out by bassist Geir Nilsen, keyboardist Daniel Myhr (Civil War, ex-Sabaton) and drummer Nicolay Ryen Christiansen, sure does sound as if they have the drive and determination to easily go the long haul. No doubt this isn't the last we've heard from this Norwegian act as I'm sure they have a lot more to offer for fans of symphonic and progressive metal. You can find out more about this band at the link below as well as hear the single for yourself.

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