Thursday, September 05, 2013


Twin Peak Records

Symbolic, who should not be confused with the goth/thrash band of the same name that hails from Meppen, Lower Saxony, initially released "Scarvest" back in 2011. This German act has now signed on with Twin Peak Records for the re-release of their second full-length release. Formed in 2004, with their full-length debut album, "Enigma", issued as a self-release in 2006, the band would suffer line-up changes between their first and second release. By the time it was all said and done it looked almost as if the band would not be able to carry on. However, thanks to some serious determination on their part, the remaining members pulled together, laced up their boots and got down to the business at hand! Seeing as one of the group's remaining members was lead vocalist Bastian Löser consistency wasn't completely lost. If anything the group's second release drew more favorable reviews then their first and proved that this German act had only strengthened their line-up between albums! As this one has already been reviewed hundreds of times over by now  (or at the very least several dozen reviews can be found online) I won't delve too far into the dynamics of this group other than to say that this is the sound of melodic death metal done right. Sometimes even groups like this (who combine elements of progressive death metal and technical death metal) tend to be monotonous as  there are so many bands playing this "unique" form of death that it's hardly unique at all anymore. Thankfully this re-release keeps things interesting and it's easy enough to see why  Symbolic's "Scarvest" received such a favorable response the first time around. Everything here is packed in tight and the band functions as if they've been together for years with the same line-up. Capturing a style of death metal that draws from the past while maintaining a modern edge isn't always all that simple to begin with so I'm giving this group props for how easy they make it all sound. This re-release should appeal to folks who love their death metal with technical savvy and a keen eye focused on melody. Definitely recommended.

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