Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Purify The Horror-Untitled

Sociopathic Sound Recordings / Dissected Records

Most people would take one look at that album cover and think of the newer film "You're Next". For me though it brings to mind  the1985' TV movie "Fortress". That movie was about a classroom full of kids that were taken hostage by men in rubber masks. They were dragged off into the country side where it became a game of cat and mouse in which you either killed or you would be killed. It's one of those movies that has always stuck with me. At first it was just the artwork that brought " Fortress" back to life. But then you look at the anonymous nature of this Birmingham, England-based act and you hear the actual "music" within this 17-minute debut EP. I'd imagine that this could have been the thoughts of these masked lunatics from "Fortress" as translated into filthy and vile grindcore. The madness that is witnessed in "Fortress", as well as other masked madmen films ("The Strangers", "The Purge", "You're Next" and probably more that slip my mind now), is similar in nature to the madness that lies at the heart of this "plague of savagery and chaos". Dual lead vocalists assure that the listener is kept off guard while the band, which reportedly does feature three prominent musicians from the underground music scene within it's ranks, unleashes blasts of psychotic noise. This one is dreadful (in a good way) in it's delivery so it's not suited for those with weak hearts! Make sure you know what you're in for. Find out more below. 

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