Friday, April 25, 2014

Riot Acts-Walk Where You Struggle


As someone who has long embraced the concept of a "well-balanced diet", or at least as it pertains to what I listen to over the course of any particular 24-hour period, I made it a goal early one to try everything at the buffet. That of course means that friends and comrades, in a never ending state of well-meaning affection and appreciation of my "unique" tastes, often times drop the names of random bands in my lap with the usual "Hey, check this band out!" tag boldly proclaimed in the e-mail title. As of late I seem to be running hot and cold when it comes to such "suggestions" although (thankfully) Riot Acts proved to be a case where said suggestion was spot on! With this just-released EP, so fresh in fact that it still has that new car smell (!),  Markham/Stouffville-based Riot Acts continues to showcase the overabundance of talent that comes from our friends to the North. It also ends up further proving the merits of melodic hardcore for those few select individuals who still believe that those two terms should never be applied together! With a line-up that includes Tim Hoar and Matt Locicero on guitars and vocals and a rhythm section of Brahm Van Zeeland & Bryan Klotz (bass and drums respectively) this young (at least as far as how long they've been together as it sounds as if they all bring experience to this 5-track release) act is fairly relentless on opener "What's Left After Taxes" up to and including EP closer, "Bar Fight". And it's that sense of urgent uprising that smashes the senses all the more making the aptly-titled "Walk Where You Struggle" highly worth investing in! With that said I encourage even more suggestions as this life our ours is far too short to keep good music to yourself! 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy fuck this band sounds like alexisonfire and thrice had a baby child. Thanks for the post, I cant wait to download this!!!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Glad you like it! I know that when I heard it the band's music felt like it kicked a hole through my head (in a good way!).

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo what the fuck this is killer. I need more of this band

9:22 AM  

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