Monday, April 21, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Lilith-Bloom


Now signed to 6131 Records (, and with an upcoming tour in support of this 5-track demo EP being talked about, self-proclaimed "feminist doom punk" Lilith hail from Phoenix, Arizona with the 14-minute "Bloom" serving notice that five-piece is here and that they have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon! The two minute plus "Wolves' Den" serves as Lilith's introduction to the scene at hand (or dare we even say the world!) with lead vocalist Sarah M. demanding the listener's attention as she urgently tackles issues still facing modern day women in a (sadly far too dominated by hard-nosed males who remain misogynists even in this day and age) scene that should be way more tolerating then it is! That's not the only topic that Sarah (with a refreshing with an air of honesty!) takes head on (she also touches on bigotry), but it's obvious by the passion and power in her voice and in her delivery that such issues drive her and her devotion. And why shouldn't they? We are talking about 2014 after all and by now we really should have moved beyond such BS as to whether or not women should have a place in punk, hardcore and metal! Unfortunately there's still work to be done and, with an all-male backing band providing the relevant noise* that's needed for her to deliver these (all too important) message at hand, Sarah rallies the troops on "Bloom" making this 5-track EP more of a battle cry then anything else! Hardcore/punk fanatics (as well as those that love doom-laden "alternative" projects) would be well advised to check "Bloom" out as this 14-minute monster of an EP is a one-punch KNOCK-OUT blow to today's male-dominated scene! It offers up a  real fury of a soundtrack to go with it's sincere message that change is needed and it's needed now! One can tell that for Lilith (Sarah, guitarists Andre R. and Samad A., bassist Mike H. and drummer Make H.) there's so much more to be said even with "Bloom" being as good as it is! In fact it comes across as just the beginning of this band's journey and if I was a betting man I'd throw it all down (every last cent!) that "Bloom" is just the start of what will be one remarkable career!

*"Bloom" is constructed from jagged pieces/parts of old-school/classic punk rock and (street-fighting) hardcore with ample amounts of post-Pentagram doom added into the mix so that the maximum amount of damage possible can be achieved with just one click of the word "Play"!

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