Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zeugen der Leere-Seelenwanderer


Formerly known as Ruin of Remembrance (under which moniker "Second World" was released in March of 2012) and with the name change coming about in 2014, Zeugen der Leere are a studio project featuring Denny (vocals), Holger (guitars, bass) and Maximilian (programming). It the was the pair of Holger and Max who originally formed Ruin of Remembrance in 2009. At that time the project had no name and it was only after the arrival of (now departed) vocalist Timo that the (then melodic death metal) project really took off.  With the release of  "Seelenwanderer" (offered as a free digital download at the link below!) this German act has moved passed the (often-times) limiting stranglehold that is death metal (melodic or not) and settled into the role of a (modern-day) atmospheric dark/ black metal project. One must say that the change in style suites them as "Seelenwanderer" (featuring a quite capable cover of the Erkyss song "Forsaken Astronaut") was a pleasant surprise on what has (so far) proven to be a cold, "Are you kidding me it's mid-April mother nature enough is enough!", snow-covered day here in my part of Ohio! As is often the case with releases such as "Seelenwanderer" an open mind is needed as is a willingness to embrace the darker, slightly more off-setting edges of life. And, seeing as this is atmospheric (experimental) black metal it's not going to be for everyone. But, for those who set aside the time needed and deserved to take in everything that this well-designed release has to offer the rewards will be well-worth the investment! Memorized by the likes of "Tänzer im Nebel" and "Komplex der Vergessenende" I walked away from Zeugen der Leere's "Seelenwanderer" with the pressing desire to share this release with each and all of you.


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