Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gun Barrel-Damage Dancer

Massacre Records

2012's "Brace for Impact" was my first introduction to Germany's Gun Barrel, but quite honestly it was only after looking over my notes on this band that I remembered who they were. Granted that was awhile back when I last heard them (May of 2012 and all), but it it still doesn't say a lot about their staying power if I forgot about them entirely in that time-frame. So a refresher course might be in order. Piece together heavy metal and dirty rock and roll and there you've got it. Since 1998 this band has been cranking it out and with "Damage Dancer" we're talking album six. I can't say I don't like the band's take on rock/metal as it's fine. And yes, I enjoyed their last album quite a bit even if I never went back to it a sometime after said review of it. Maybe it's just that now (roughly two year's having past) this sort of thing (rocking metal) is more prevalent and there's so many bands doing it better? Is that fair then to compare Gun Barrel to other (newer) acts? Probably not, but no one every said that life was fair right? Yeah. So, Gun Barrel does what it does and whether it's going to move you or not just depends on how you feel about this kind of groove. For me it moved me, just not very far!

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