Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Diamond Lane-Terrorizer


"Terrorizer", the upcoming new release from L.A.'s Diamond Lane, is due out next month and up front let's state the obvious. If you were a fan of either 2011's "World Without Heroes" (the band's debut full-length release) or last year's EP, "Sapphire", they you are going to love this new 9-track album. For anyone who has yet to hear Diamond Lane then let's spell it out. Somewhere between a more metallic version of hard rock and a less sleazy version of eighties hair metal is where you'll find this five-piece parked and hanging out and with "Terrorizer" lead vocalist Brandon Baumann stay true to their trademark sound while the group occasionally pushes the limits of their sound into an area usually reserved for N.W.O.T.H.M. bands. Early on cuts like "The Enemy", "Cheating Death", "Slow Destruction" and  "Life to Lose" (a cut that blazes towards true heavy metal!) show that the band can still write the kind of heavy hitting hard rock that makes small music venues shake, rattle and roll while tracks like "Kiss The Ring" and "Hopeless Romantic" recall this L.A. band's earlier years when the band excelled at pumping out their own brand of Skid Row-like hard and heavy. Saving one of the better tracks for last, Diamond Lane swaggers their way through "New Model" which, in a better light of day, could be a lost lost Mötley Crüe track that was given new life and a real bad attitude makeover to make it more mean and way more desirably! But then again, Mötley Crüe never employed a pair of guitarists like Jarret Reis and Frankie Lindia! Together they deliver scorching leads that recall the glory years of heavy metal! Even ending on a bait of a down note with the half ballad/half rocker "Drift" (the one track that has throwaway written on it) couldn't spoil this party as "Terrorizer" proved to be a worthy follow-up to the group's last two recordings and a positive step forward towards even better things to come.

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