Monday, April 07, 2014

Interview with Hellscream's Dave Garcia

Hellscream is a new project that teams up the pair of David "Conan" Garcia (Cage) and Norman Skinner (Skinner, Dire Peril, Tramontane, ex-Machine Called Man,The Consequence of Chaos, ex-Katagory V (live), ex-Imagika). The band's debut recording, "Made Immortal", is a smoldering blend of power metal, speed metal and thrash! You can read my review of it by clicking on the link below this interview. And speaking of this interview, I want to thank everyone involved with setting this up and thank Dave for sitting down with us to chat! Enjoy!

Andy-Up front I've just got to say that I loved "Made Immortal"! Could you tell us what the recording process was like? One would imagine that with your "day jobs" and all that it was hard finding the time to hit the studio right?

Dave-All instrumentation was performed in my home studio. Norman recorded all vocal tracks in his studio. We transfered files back and forth via e-mail. Software we use is Pro Tools. Arrangement of music was determined by Norman Skinner to enhance vocals.
Norman Skinner

Andy-How did you guys first meet up exactly and is there a story behind the band name?

Dave-Norman Skinner actually came up with the name and as we were creating the music it really seemed to make sense to call the project Hellscream!

Andy-The opening bit on your album is totally creepy! It almost has a eighties horror movie vibe about it, but then again so does your band name! Are either of you fans of the genre or is it meant to be more tongue and cheek?

Dave-I wanted the music to be a little on the eerie side! Some of the intros into the songs are purposely created to create the vibe of the song! I actually had a fun time making the music!!!

Andy-Well, it certainly shows! Now, Hellscream is just the two of you right? As I don't have a CD copy of "Made Immortal" in front of me I am going to assume that you, Dave, handled all of the instruments. Is that correct?

Dave-Yes as mentioned earlier, all musical instrumentation was created by myself, and the vocal lyrics and arrangement was solely Norman Skinner.
Dave Garcia

Andy-Hellscream (and again I just love the name!) has as much of an old-school vibe going for it as it does a more modern one. Was that what the two of you were aiming for?

Dave-We really had no idea what to expect! We actually met by chance at the NAMM show in Anaheim and were talking about what was currently going on in our careers. I mentioned that I was looking for a vocalist to do a musician project and we shortly after that began working together! 

Andy-Given the positive response to your debut album will the two of you be looking at making Hellscream more then just a one and done project?

Dave-Yes! we are looking forward to creating another CD! This time there will be a full band lineup as we will want to be able to tour and do some shows!

Andy-That sounds awesome! So, what does 2014 have in store for the two of you?

Dave-I am currently working with the Cage camp creating our 7th CD! Cage is scheduled to tour in Europe during July and will be also touring on the East coast in November. Norman Skinner is currently touring like a madman with his band Skinner and also Dire Peril.

Andy-I like to give artists the last say so the mic is all yours! Anything you want to say to your fans? Have a favorite show you want to mention? Have other albums to recommend? Perhaps you have a cocktail recipe you want to share? Anything and everything goes so it's all you!

Dave-It is important to thank all the fans for their support and that is a true inspiration! We have so many fantastic fans worldwide! As always we will continue to push the thresh hold! Thanks to all and continue to enjoy the universal sound of metal!

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